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Campervan Kitchen Ideas 2019 (Outdoor Solutions to Creative Indoor)

Building a campervan kitchen… I would say, a kitchen in the van is essential, as we all wanna eat. It is cheaper and sometimes just easier. And let’s face it: It’s awesome to eat in front of a beautiful lake or the oceans coastline. It’s part of the overall van life experience.

Here we do collect the different campervan kitchen ideas for you. So you can decide which one will be the best option for your campervan experience.

Campervan Kitchen Ideas

There are several ways to cook in a van. This is a resource to get inspiration for your own kitchen.

We would love to make this list as useful and as complete as possible.

Therefore, you can add your own kitchen construction in your van at the end of this article.

1. Outside cooking

For Kirsty Skitt, cooking outside is the best.

What do you think, would you be up for an outdoor kitchen? With that setting, we are in!

2. Big kitchen (in a Bus)

Michael lives in a bus, and he has a big kitchen. Wanna see it?

3. Portable camping stove

In case of limited space, just take a camping stove with you.

There are many options for caving stove on Amazon

4. An outdoor kitchen with a roof

Sina & Carsten from Germany built a great outdoor kitchen.

The best part? They have a roof! Have a look.

5. Wooden cute kitchen

Wooden cute kitchen from Rambo the Ambo

Love seeing the amazing photos taken by Theo from @theindieprojects. I had so much fun filming with them back in august… it feels like so long ago now! Since then we’ve embraced vanlife full time and it’s been a bumpy ride getting used to the cold, enduring leaks and adjusting to using minimal power with less sun… A necessary wood burner has since been installed after the movie was made and, we took down some of the coloured palette off the roof as got told by many it may be toxic if the van got damp or had condensation. All learning curves and I’ve adjusted to cycling to work and showering there now. It’s been a test to live in a small space, a test on our relationship, a test on our need for space and things! My view is this, what comes easy won’t last and what lasts won’t come easy. We’re in for the win! – Peace and love 🙏🏼 #vanlife #realvanlife #projectvanlife #tests #life #simplelife #simpleliving #fuckthesystem

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6. Put it where you want kitchen

Mark, Paula & Lucy just have a portable kitchen. That way they can cook indoor or outdoor, depending on the mood (and the weather).

7. Like at home

A homey kitchen inside your van.

What’s better than being able to spend all day in the mountains, come back to a cosy warm home, cook a healthy meal, read a book by the fire, have a restful sleep, and then repeat again in a brand new location? Being able to do all of that whilst knowing you made it happen with your own hard work, dedication and commitment. That’s what 😃 I love looking at this space knowing that I built it with these two hands 🙌🏻 #handmade #vanlife #vanlifediaries #roadtrip #campervan #vanlifeideas #homeiswhereyouparkit #tinyhouse #vanlifeexplorers #vanlifemovement #tinyliving #reformlife #adventure #diy #wanderlust #traveling #motivation #outdoors #nature #mountains #wilderness #wildernessculture #map #cabin #campvibes #woodworking #vancrush #gopro

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8. You can also have an oven

Did you know there are also portable ovens?

#vanlifestyle #ourtraveling #vankitchen #travel

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9. Make it bigger using the outdoor space

Do you need a bigger kitchen? Then you can expand it outdoor.

You just need an awning to make it more comfortable.

Glamping #allthegear #vanlife #vankitchen

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10. Hide and seek kitchen

Where is the kitchen?

You just need some sliding out rails to get a kitchen that you can hide.

I love that vanlife gives me the opportunity to enjoy food. back in my old life I was always in a rush, just a short lunch break during work, a fast dinner before I meet friends or a small dish after sports. there was rarely time to enjoy cooking and take time to eat. food became a burden, I mostly ate because I knew I need to, not because I liked to. today it’s different. I take my time for a nice meal and celebrate it. this is definitely something I learned on the road and want to take with me when I start working again. 👣 📝 cause many people ask: I got those sliding out rails from my favourite carpenter. you can’t buy those in normal shops. they are supposed to carry 100kg and you can get them in different lengths. 👣🐾🚐 #vanlife #kitchen #outdoorkitchen #outdoorcooking #campingkitchen #campervan #vankitchen #vanlifer #vandwelling #thisisvanlifeing #camping #cooking #vwt5 #vangirl

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11. Do you enjoy baking? You can also do it in the van!

Far out ride have a real oven in their van. See those muffins on the photo? I can even smell them.

12. Minimal design, maximal views

Do you need anything else?

The less bags you have to pack, the less baggage you have. • I unlock my storage unit for two reasons. I no longer care about the furniture, art, and clothes piled up one on top of the other. A real life game of Tetris. • I wasn’t always this way. I’ve downsized each move. • In 2009, I lived in a two bedroom apartment in Joplin, Missouri right out of college. My first job in television. My mom helped me paint the walls and decorate. The two years I lived there, I bought vases for flowers, bowls for candy decor, and other knick knacks you believe make your house a home. That’s until you have to box it up. Then you want to throw shit out the window! • Next, I moved down Interstate-44, back to my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma for my second television market. There I rented a one bedroom apartment. Again, spent spare time finding fillers to complete a home. • When moving to San Diego, I lived in a smaller one bedroom next to the ocean. That is where life shifted. I focused more on sunbathing at the beach than shopping. I recognized the energy it takes to clean and keep up with your stuff. Which takes us into the present day. I pay for the smallest sized storage unit. The two reasons I head back there? To switch out clothes based on temperature and for work supplies. • Each move I make, I purge more items, and feel lighter in EVERY way. Remember, the less bags you have to pack, the less baggage you have.

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13. A cute kitchen on the trunk

Yes, it is possible to build a cute kitchen on the van trunk.

14. Kitchen and spacious countertop

No kitchen is complete with a coffee routine, right?

What do you use for your coffee? We do love our French press.

15. Organizing everything with baskets

What about the kitchen organization? Alison and Mark demonstrate it can be done with baskets.

16. Yell- OW

You can also add some colors to your van. Which is your favorite color?


17. Tiles love

Loving tiles? You can add some “fake tiles” at your kitchen.

Nowadays, there are many options: vinyl, peel off tiles…

18. Barbecue anyone? Better outside the van

In case you wanna barbecue, better outside the van. Right?

Can cook! #vanlife #vanlifediaries #babyq #homeiswhereyouparkit #vankitchen

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19. A simple sink

The sink can also be as simple as a cute bowl.

20. Working on it

Fridge, water pump, and planning all the details.

21. A Wooden sink

Impressed how a wooden sink looks after varnish.

22. Make every space as useful as possible

Try to make every space as useful as possible.

Idrissa & Simon added a shelf on top of the kitchen. Perfect for some van appliances.


23. In and out kitchen

Another option for a portable kitchen.

#Aussenküche für große Jungs! #hannibalontour #vanvacation #vankitchen #vanlife #vanideas

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How do you cook?

We would love to make this list as useful and inspirational as possible.

And you can help!

Share your own cooking area here and we will add it to the list.

You can add your own blog or website here as well, and we will link it.

I grant Vanthingstodo a royalty free license to use my photos and text!

Summary campervan kitchen

Do you have it clearer now?

Maybe you have an idea we have missed. Please share it in the comments below, we would love to include it to inspire other Vanlifers join this awesome community!